Why You Should Be Careful with Home Tooth Whitening Kits

Why You Should Be Careful with Home Tooth Whitening Kits

While coronavirus lockdown regulations are loosening up, many people are still spending lots of time at home. That means an increase in DIY at-home treatments for services you might normally seek elsewhere, such as tooth whitening. However, you may want to think twice before purchasing an at-home whitening kit. Here’s why. 

Teeth whitening can increase tooth sensitivity. 

Most teeth whitening products use hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient to whiten the teeth. While it is effective at removing stains, it can also lead to increased sensitivity, especially if you leave the whitening solution on too long or use too much. Tooth sensitivity may give you trouble while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Alternative tooth whitening solutions, such as activated charcoal, can also cause issues with tooth sensitivity and damaged enamel. Before using any whitening solution, it’s best to check in with your dentist for recommendations on what’s right for your teeth. Your dentist may even prescribe an at-home whitening kit from his office with detailed instructions on how to use it at home. 

Home whitening kits may irritate your gums. 

Another significant oral health risk with at-home tooth whitening is exposing gums to the whitening solution. This can cause irritation and soreness, but it is minimized with a professional application. When your dentist or dental hygienist performs tooth whitening treatment, the application will be more precise and accurate. 

You may see patchy or uneven results with home whitening. 

Because home teeth whitening kits are not as potent as those used in your dentist’s office, you may find yourself disappointed by the results. You might also see that the results are patchy or uneven, because it may be difficult to ensure even application over all the teeth. 

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