Why the Dental Office Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Why the Dental Office Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous, you’re certainly not alone. Plenty of people struggle with dental anxiety. Sometimes, it can be severe enough to make a person delay getting needed dental treatments. Unfortunately, the longer you put off going to the dentist, the worse your oral health will get. Plus, you’ll be more likely to require more intensive treatments. Instead, try these strategies for conquering your dental anxiety.

Explain your concerns and discuss your past experiences.

The first step in overcoming dental anxiety is to talk with the staff about it. Dental professionals often work with patients who struggle with this problem. The more they know about your specific concerns, the better they can help you. You might want to mention whether you’ve previously had a bad experience in the dentist’s chair. You should also discuss any effective coping strategies you’ve used in the past. In addition, explain if there is anything specific that makes you nervous, such as the sound of the drill, the prospect of discomfort, or the bright lights in your eyes. The dental team may be able to make modifications that can help.

Collaborate on coping strategies.

The dental team can suggest coping strategies that may help you. There may be headphones available, for example, or you can bring your own. You should also feel free to let the dentist know when you need a break. Simply raise your hand to alert the hygienist or dentist.

Ask about sedation dentistry services.

When drug-free coping strategies aren’t sufficient, patients might want to consider sedation dentistry. This refers to the use of inhaled, oral, or intravenous medications. There are different levels of sedation. Your dentist can tailor your experience to suit your specific needs.

At the office of John R. Carson, DDS, we work with patients with dental anxiety. We’ll go the extra mile to optimize your comfort and peace of mind throughout your entire appointment, and we always welcome questions and feedback. Call us in Tucson at (520) 514-7203 to schedule an appointment, and be sure to ask us about our sedation dentistry services!