Think You’re Too Busy for a Smile Makeover? Find Out How CEREC Can Help

Think You’re Too Busy for a Smile Makeover? Find Out How CEREC Can Help

If you’re like most people, there is probably something you would change about your smile if you could. Maybe you have an outdated metal crown or filling, or you want an onlay instead of a traditional filling for aesthetic reasons, but you keep avoiding getting care because you don’t think you can fit it into your schedule. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help: CEREC. This technological advance in dentistry can speed up the process of making over your smile, so you can finally get the results you want, even with a busy schedule to contend with. 

What exactly is CEREC?

It is a CAD/CAM system that lets your dentist take precise digital impressions of your mouth in the office and prepare a restoration that matches your natural tooth color exactly. Even better, the entire process takes place in a single visit. Since the system uses optical or “virtual” impressions you don’t have to go through the usual procedure of getting a messy mold made in the office that is shipped to a lab, which then fabricates your restoration and ships it back to your dentist. With CEREC Dr. Carson is able to generate a digital model of your teeth in just minutes and then design your restorations while you watch.  Once that is done your resotations are fabricated in the office and then delivered in the same visit.   CEREC is all about exceptional,fast, customized results.

What are the benefits of Cerec?

The added convenience of getting care quickly is certainly one of the biggest advantages of CEREC, but it is not the only one. Patients appreciate that the restorations are made using CEREC ceramic, instead of unsightly metal, and that dentists can easily make adjustments to the shading and shape to get the best possible match to your natural teeth. CEREC also cuts the need for uncomfortable and messy impressions, and the computer-guided design system ensures the highest level of accuracy possible. 

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