The Benefits of Visiting a Dentist Who Uses Digital Radiography and Intraoral Cameras

The Benefits of Visiting a Dentist Who Uses Digital Radiography and Intraoral Cameras

X-rays have long been a common part of yearly dental checkups, used by dentists to evaluate abnormalities in the teeth and gums that may require treatment. However, the X-ray process has vastly improved with the use of digital radiography. In addition to being safer than traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays produce more accurate images with minimal discomfort to the patient. Here are some of the features of digital radiography that will enhance the quality of your dental care:


  • Instantly available images: Without the need to develop film images, your dentist can take X-rays and review them with you immediately. Using a computer screen, the images are easily enhanced, enlarged, and stored to streamline your dentist visits. The image quality is higher than that of film and the images can instantly be shared between computers and sent to specialists.


  • Lower doses of radiation: Digital radiography is a safe diagnostic procedure because it produces only a fraction of the radiation of film X-rays. Plus, the images can be touched up after they are taken so the necessity to retake X-rays is fairly low.


  • Better patient understanding of oral hygiene: Using the advanced images of digital X-rays coupled with the live imaging of intraoral cameras, your dentist can explain the necessity for certain dental treatments while showing you the extent of damage. While X-rays show the teeth below the gums, intraoral cameras show patients the outer surfaces of the teeth and gums on a high-resolution screen.


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