Why a Waterpik Can’t Replace Daily Flossing

Why a Waterpik Can’t Replace Daily Flossing

Water flossers like the Waterpik have become a popular addition to dental hygiene routines, often because they are recommended by dentists and other healthcare professionals. However, it’s important to recognize that a Waterpik is not intended to replace your daily flossing. Instead, it should be used to improve your flossing routine, allowing deeper cleaning and gingivitis prevention.

Water flossers cannot clean as closely as traditional floss.

Many people believe that a water flosser is simply the next generation in dental floss, offering the same results as normal flossing. But water flossers cannot achieve the same close contact with the teeth as traditional floss, which helps to remove film and bacterial buildup that causes gum disease and tooth decay. Water flossers can help remove food particles, and they can also help to reduce bacteria beneath the gum line.

Water flossers should supplement your flossing routine. 

Because water flossers can improve the results of flossing, they can be a great investment for your oral hygiene routine. While you may have a clean feeling in your mouth after using a water flosser, there can still be film and plaque that remains between the teeth. However, a Waterpik can get into places that regular floss cannot while massaging the gum tissue, so the two combined will provide the best results. If you have difficulty flossing with regular floss, you may find that floss holders and other assistive devices can help you maneuver the floss more easily. 

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