Custom Sports Guards in Tucson

Sports guards protect the upper and lower teeth from potentially damaging blows and minimize the risk of injuries to the tongue, lips and cheek lining. A properly-fitted sports guard will stay in place during sporting activities, and minimally effect talking and breathing. Sports guards protect against concussions and neck injuries by serving as a shock absorber. The force of a hit is distributed over all the teeth, which diminishes contact between the mandible (lower jaw) and the maxilla (upper jaw).

Custom Under Armour Mouthguards

Under Armour Mouthwear

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™ has been engineered to unlock your power and potential. It’s all in you, but blocked by one of the human body’s instinctive re?ex systems – teeth-clenching. With safe, custom-built UA Performance Mouthwear, athletes in any sport — from football to golf to hockey — can capitalize on innovation that makes you better. Whether you need protection in contact sports or you just want to improve your game, Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™, with ArmourBite™ Technology, gives every athlete an edge.


You are “hard-wired” to clench your jaw. When you train and compete, your natural reaction is to clench your jaw. It’s part of the “?ght or ?ight” wiring of your brain. Your clenched jaw and teeth compress your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), triggering the release of excess amounts of performance-sapping hormones (like cortisol) that produce stress, fatigue and distraction.


Patented ArmourBiteTM Technology prevents your teeth from clenching and pivots your jaw forward to relieve pressure on the TMJ. Gone are the excess negative hormones and the energy-draining effects, so the body can now unleash its full potential.

Custom Under Armour Mouthwear

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Why choose a Mouth Guard from Dr. John Carson?

These are individually designed and made in Dr. Carson’s office or a professional dental laboratory. Not surprisingly, they are likely to provide the most comfortable fit and best protection over a boil and bite mouthguard. We will take an impression of your teeth and then construct the mouthguard to fit perfectly. Because they fit and feel better, most athletes prefer customized mouth guards. These can be designed with an array of custom colors and logos.