How to Deal with Your Partner’s Persistent Snoring

How to Deal with Your Partner’s Persistent Snoring

If you’re losing sleep at night due to the sound of your partner’s snoring, you may be feeling tired and frustrated. However, your partner may not even realize that they are causing a disturbance. So, your first step in dealing with regular snoring should be to speak up and let your partner know. Then, you can offer the following strategies to help curb the noise so that you and your partner can get a better night’s sleep. 

Ask Your Partner to Sleep on Their Side 

There are many different causes of snoring, but snoring is often worse when sleeping on one’s back. This is due to the position of the airway. So, if your partner is usually a back sleeper, ask them to sleep on their side. You might also invest in some extra pillows to make this position more comfortable and prevent turning over during sleep. 

Schedule an Appointment at the Dentist’s Office 

When snoring is a nightly occurrence, sleep apnea may be the culprit. This common yet serious sleep disorder is characterized by loud snoring with intermittent pauses in breathing. Treatment may come from a surprising source with an oral appliance fabricated at the dentist’s office. 

Consider Separate Bedrooms

If you are frequently disturbed by your partner during sleep, separate bedrooms may be the best solution. This way, you can both sleep in your ideal environment and get the rest you need. However, you should still explore the root causes of your partner’s snoring before taking up residence in the guest room. 

At the office of John R. Carson, DDS, partnering with physicans we provide sleep apnea care with digital radiology to visualize the airway and create custom oral appliances that allow easier breathing at night. If your partner’s loud snoring is keeping you awake, call our office at (520) 514-7203 to schedule a sleep medicine consultation.

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