Helping Children Manage Sleep Apnea

Helping Children Manage Sleep Apnea

Now more than ever good sleep is important for both you and your child. While this article focuses on children the same general principles apply to adults.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that causes a person to stop breathing for short periods during sleep. The pauses in breathing may be short, but this condition can still have a lot of implications for a person’s health. While sleep apnea is often thought of as a problem that affects adults, it can also affect young children. Continue reading to learn how you can help your child manage sleep apnea.

Understand How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Your Child

One of the biggest impacts sleep apnea can have is on your child’s quality of sleep. When your child suffers from sleep apnea, it will be difficult—if not impossible—for your child to get restful sleep each night. This can result in difficulties learning, keeping up with school, and behaving well. If left untreated, sleep apnea can also increase your child’s risk for heart problems, high blood pressure, and delayed growth. Additionally we know that proper sleep is important for an optimally functioning immune system.

Treating Your Child’s Sleep Apnea

If you suspect that your child is suffering from sleep apnea, speak with your dentist or M.D.. It’s important to know that while your dentist can help screen your child for sleep apnea a diagnosis can only come from an M.D.. If your dentist is suspicious of sleep apnea they will refer you to an M.D. for further evaluation and diagnosis. If a diagnosis of sleep apnea is made, your dentist can then partner with your M.D. on different treatment options.

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