Get Your Smile Photo-Ready with These Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Get Your Smile Photo-Ready with These Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

There’s never been a better time to get the smile you’ve always wanted—your social calendar is beginning to fill up again and you’re probably going to find yourself smiling for more photos. At the office of John Carson DDS in Tucson, we provide high-quality dental care and state of the art cosmetic treatments, so you can feel great about your smile. 

Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges

Porcelain restorations are excellent choices for decayed or missing teeth. A bridge will hide the gap from a missing tooth, while a crown will cover a degenerated tooth. Veneers are less invasive than crowns and will also provide a dramatic difference since they can cover the surfaces of most of your teeth. For a totally natural look, all these options are shaded and sculpted to match your teeth. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are perfect for patients who want to improve the cosmetic appearance of their smile while also preventing issues associated with dentures like difficulty chewing and bone loss. They’re one of the most permanent dental options available, so you don’t have to keep worrying about the health of your teeth. 

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and fastest ways you can improve the look of your smile. Professional whitening is safe, effective, and will last far longer than any results you can get from an over-the-counter treatment. You can choose to receive your treatment in-office or take home a custom whitening kit specifically designed for you. 

Bonding and Gum Contouring 

Bonding and gum contouring are two less-invasive options to improve your smile. Bonding involves the application of tooth-colored resin to repair chipped, broken, and discolored teeth. Gum contouring is the process of sculpting back creeping gums so that they look proportionate to your teeth. 

With cosmetic dental treatments from John Carson DDS, you’ll be ready to show the world your movie star smile. To schedule an appointment, call (520) 514-7203 or send us an email at