Feed Your Healthy Smile with These Tooth-Friendly Foods

Feed Your Healthy Smile with These Tooth-Friendly Foods

The foods you choose to eat have a direct effect on your overall wellness in general and your dental health in particular. Certain foods can contribute to tooth decay and tooth discoloration, while other foods help strengthen the teeth and guard against dental problems. The following list of foods is dentist-recommended. However, if you do decide to eat a sweet treat every now and then, be sure to brush your teeth soon afterward to prevent plaque formation.

Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, lettuce, and other leafy greens are definitely dentist-approved. They contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, and have only negligible amounts of naturally occurring sugar. Plus, they contain folic acid. This type of B vitamin is thought to help guard against gum disease in pregnant women. In addition, leafy greens have calcium to keep your teeth strong. To get more leafy greens in your diet, add spinach to your pizzas and omelets, or toss some chopped kale in your spaghetti sauce. 


Cheese has a reputation for being unhealthy because it contains fat. However, enjoying it in moderation can actually have a beneficial effect on your oral health. Eat a small piece of hard cheese before a meal to raise the pH of your mouth. This can help prevent tooth decay. In addition, cheese stimulates the release of saliva. This extra saliva helps wash away food debris and bacteria, further reducing the risk of tooth decay. In addition, the calcium and protein in cheese strengthens the enamel.


Celery is a popular vegetable among dieters because it’s very low in calories. Additionally, it’s great for your teeth. When you eat a celery stick, this vegetable actually scrubs your teeth, helping to remove food particles and bacteria. Plus, celery contains vitamins A and C, which are important for gum health.

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