Exploring the Many Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

Exploring the Many Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may feel like you’d do anything for a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, all you need to do to find the restful sleep you’ve been hoping for is make an appointment with your local Tucson dentist, John R. Carson, DDS. Our team will use radiological imaging to accurately visualize the airway, sinuses, and jaws so that we can recommend the best treatment option based on your individual needs. Here’s a closer look at the treatment options we may recommend. 

CPAP Therapy

Most people think of CPAP therapy when they think of sleep apnea treatment. With CPAP therapy, a special device is used to force air through the airway by maintaining continuous pressure through a custom fitted mask. Treatment is usually effective, but it can require lots of getting used to. It is also beneficial to work with your doctor or dentist to accurately fit the CPAP mask so that it fits properly and you’re able to minimize any discomfort while sleeping. 

Oral Appliances

In some cases, a simple oral appliance that fits over the teeth will allow easier breathing at night without the noise or bulk of a CPAP machine. These devices are custom fabricated in our office to fit snugly over the teeth and provide the right adjustment for each patient. The oral appliance will gently push the lower jaw forward, which will lift the soft palate and keep the airway open during sleep. 

Lifestyle Changes 

Sleep apnea can be aggravated by many different risk factors, including being overweight, using alcohol, or suffering from seasonal allergies. By managing these risks through lifestyle changes, you can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Here at the office of John R. Carson, DDS, we understand that dental health doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Good overall health promotes healthier teeth and gums, so we work closely with our patients to help them improve their wellness. To learn more about our sleep apnea treatment and other services to promote your good health, call us at (520) 514-7203.