Common Questions About Gum Contouring

Common Questions About Gum Contouring

Your smile speaks volumes about your personality. But if you’re in the habit of hiding your smile because you’re dissatisfied with its appearance, it can be hard to let your true personality shine. Cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as gum contouring, can allow you to gain confidence with your appearance. Talk to a cosmetic dentist to find out if gum contouring could be right for you.

What is gum contouring?

Everyone has a unique gum line, which is the point at which the gums end and the teeth become visible. For some people, the gum line is low and barely visible when they smile. Others have a high gum line, also known as a “gummy smile.” For these people, smiling can be embarrassing because the teeth look too small since too much of the gum tissue shows. Gum contouring is the process of reshaping and adjusting the gum line so that an ideal amount of the teeth show when you smile.

Is a low gum line problematic?

In some cases, a low gum line can indicate gum recession. This can occur due to periodontal disease and brushing too hard. Gum contouring can fix a low gum line. However, the technique for accomplishing it is different. In addition, the dentist will need to address the underlying cause of gum recession, such as by treating gum disease or helping you learn how to brush with less force.

How is gum contouring performed?

If you have a low gum line, your dentist can graft additional gum tissue onto the area of recession.. On the other hand, if you have a “gummy smile” that you wish to contour, your dentist may use lasers or a scalpel to gently trim away some of the gum tissue. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful, full smile!

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