Clear Orthodontics – It’s About Your Smile And Health

Clear Orthodontics – It’s About Your Smile And Health

We understand the world has been turned upside down! That said, now more than ever, it’s best to plan for our futures. If you’ve had some questions about clear orthodontics or are thinking it might be something to check into when things are back to usual, here are some great things to know!

Do you wish you could have a straighter smile? While straightening your teeth can provide an aesthetic boost, having properly aligned teeth offers benefits beyond this. When your teeth are in the correct alignment, your bite will be as well. This will reduce your risk for jaw pain and bruxism. Having straight teeth will also make it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. You can enjoy all of these benefits and more with clear orthodontics. Here are a few tips to help you live well while undergoing treatment with clear orthodontic aligners.

Wear Your Aligners Most Hours of the Day

When you visit your dentist for treatment with clear orthodontics, you’ll be given a series of custom-made aligners. In order for your teeth to shift the way they are supposed to, you must wear these aligners for 20 to 23 hours each day. While you can remove the aligners for a special event, such as an awards ceremony or wedding, you should not make this a regular habit.

Remove Your Aligners to Eat and Drink

One of the major drawbacks of traditional orthodontic treatment is having to deal with food and other debris getting caught in the brackets and wires. With clear orthodontics, you can remove your aligners to make eating and drinking easier. This will also make it easier to maintain your oral health throughout your treatment.

Clean Your Aligners Thoroughly

Even if you always remove your aligners to eat and drink, you should still clean them thoroughly each day. This will help to remove bacteria and plaque that could otherwise cause bad breath and oral health issues. Brush your aligners each night, and then rinse them with water. You might also want to invest in a specially formulated cleanser for your aligners.

Stick to Your Treatment Plan

The most important part of living with clear orthodontics is sticking to your treatment plan. If you do not see your dentist frequently enough, fail to switch to new aligners when you should, or wear them as long as you should each day your orthodontic treatment could end up taking far longer than it is supposed to.

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