Are You Ready to Ditch Your Dentures in Favor of Implants?

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Dentures in Favor of Implants?

If you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, then you may be used to wearing dentures to facilitate eating and speaking. You may also notice that dentures do not provide the same level of function as your natural teeth did. Additionally, dentures may effect your sense of taste. If you are experiencing either of these things then dental implants may be right for you. At the office of Dr. John Carson, DDS we have many options to utilize implants to replace your teeth including All On Four.  These solutions can allow you to feel more confident with your smile, eating and speaking.. Here’s a closer look at the signs you’re ready to talk to the dentist about dental implants.

You want a more permanent solution to tooth loss. 

If you are tired of worrying about your dentures staying in place then dental implants may be the answer. You can brush and floss normally with dental implants, so you are able to care for them like your natural teeth. You never have to worry about losing or breaking your dentures again, and you can eat all the foods you enjoy with confidence.

You have enough bone mass in the jaw. 

When you get dental implants, they will be secured into the jawbone. However, if you have been wearing dentures for many years, then there may be significant degradation of the jawbone. Many people worry that this may not allow them to have implants.  The good news is that you may still be able to receive implants due to the ever increasing options and advancements we have.

You are committed to a consistent oral hygiene routine. 

Though the crowns placed on your dental implants will not decay like natural teeth they are susceptible to periodontal disease so you should still brush and floss daily. Regular visits to the dentist will also be important following your dental implant placement, so you can manage your gum health and oral cancer risk.

For answers to all of your questions about dental implants, call the office of Dr. John Carson, DDS in Tucson. You can reach us at (520) 514-7203 to schedule a consultation in our friendly, modern dental practice.